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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to clean up your makeup brush

             How To clean your Makeup brush

Cleaning our makeup brushes is very important and it is kind of obvious so then we can prevent bacteria that help causes pimples, and you do have to clean it at least once a week, but even I have to admit it, I don't wash my brush for at least a month!!!! ( I get it, bad Lulu!!!) But here is a simple way to clean your brush.


- Dirty makeup brushes
- A gentle cleanser ( I prefer baby shampoo since its gentle and has that lovely baby scent!)
- A regular bowl ( so then we can prevent messes)
- Towel, paper towel, or anything that at least can absorb water

First add warm water into the bowl and then add the gentle cleanser. The add your dirty brush into the bowl and just do a light whisk with it.

                                                (ugh so much gunk out of my brush :P)
Then after your brush is cleaner you rinse it under warm water, and then you make a light flick to remove access water, so then mold, and other type of harmful things won't go into your brush.

And then after that you wrap it in a clean towel or other things in your household that can remove water but must be clean!!! And leave in the towel for max 5 min.

Then make sure to let it air dry!