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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nailpolish Frenzy Spring 2013!!!

Spring calls for bold, bright, and beautiful nail colors! But which ones are in this spring and which ones are truly fantabulous? I'm going to start off by listing my top 10 fave nailpolishes for this spring!

10. These Tribal nail polishes are simple but edgy. Calm but bold. Some even look like a beautiful spring morning!

9. This bottle of Essie nail polish should be worn on the rainy days of spring because it sets off a mellow and down to earth vibe!
 8. This shade of OPI nailpolish is stylish and fashionable while still having that "fresh faced" demeanor that should be in all nailpolishes.

7. Nice, sweet, and eye catching! This shade of Essie Nailpolish is one to be reckoned with!!! 

 6. Etude house did a great job on their nailpolish line! This nailpolish is extremely durable, stylish, and bold! (many AWESOME shades can be found at etudehouse.com)
5. Once again bold girl Essie makes quite the fashion statement in this shade! (All nailpolish shades can be found at essie.com)
 4. Here Zoya's shimmery pink nail polish is the perfect way to express spring animosity! Its appealing and bold, its the perfect nail product to kick off your spring!
3. Feeling blue? Well Chanels Riva Nailpolish should fix that problem right up

2. I love love LOVE Butter London and this shade of sparkly pink is the perfect shade for this spring! Its bright, bold, and it has a TON of potential its also suprisingly quite durable for sparkly nailpolish!

1. Finally this is my favorite spring nail tutorial for this spring! Its bright, bold and appealing!

Nails are an important part of life so make sure to take care of them well and make sure to try to reduce harmful behaviour to your nails (like chewing them -.-  I'm totally guilty of that)

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