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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Is Fur Making a Comeback?

Oh yes! Whether you wear it faux or real, fur is making a huge comeback; all of the designers have their workers working full speed to make this THE huge fashion statement. I don't disagree with these designers. Fur is feirce! It gives that va-va-voom wow texture to many outfits. Though I do not support the wearing of real fur I love faux fur! Many designers and people have been trending this for a while. Below are a few examples of the intense fashion statement that fur really is!

From Valentino to Fendi preparations are in full swing to bring back a classic, fur!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

THE Spring 2013 color

I really think white will be trending this spring season, not just a certain shade of white but any texture of white for example eggshell and cream! I don't think that white will be trending until late spring since white is a light and carefree color that we don't look for at the beginning of spring when we want to be bold and edgy in our fashion choices! I'll show you my favorite "white" style choices for this spring!

These styles are trendy regardless! And I hope you enjoyed the fashion eye-candy

Friday, March 29, 2013

Yay its Friday!

Yes, its finally Friday and while you contemplate on what to wear for that party tonight I'm just going to give some amazing ideas on what to wear next Friday; lego!
This dress from Sugarlips is the perfect mix of hipster and nautical. Admit it, for being a hipster dress it can surprisingly fit the chic standard.

If your not looking for a dress and maybe something a little more blingy I'd recommend this sequined top also from Sugarlips! I totally agree with the "Shine all day and night" description! This sequined top has that "Wow!" factor that I love with any outfit especially for Friday nights!

Am I still not floating your boat, well there's a short and sweet dress I adore! Its from Sugarlips too, and right about now I'm loving it! Its perfect for that sweet and innocent look you might want to pull off for a Friday!

What about shoes? You definitely not going out with bare feet! So I'll tell you some of my fave picks for a Friday night!
First of all I HATE it when my feet start to hurt because then I can't fully enjoy my night! And we don't want that! So these flats from Aldo are one of my favorites! The color is flavorful and the glitter style gives off that "come dance with me!" vibe which I love!

But if you and your stiletto's are inseparable then you will fall in love with these bold red heels from Browns
Happy Friday night! I hope you have A LOT of fun!

Prom Must-Haves under $100

Every girl dreams about prom at least once in their life and when the big day finally arrives you want to be ready with that perfect look in mind. You can still look gorgeous on a tight budget! I'll tell you about some of the steals I saw this year.
This dress by A-Line can be found on Tidebuy its perfect for your big prom night! This dress is a classic! Its a mix of chic, suave, and bold tied together by a spicy red waistband!

If your not looking for a strapless dress this dress from Lulus should be the perfect fix at only $36.50!!! This dress has the original VA-VA-VOOM essence with low hanging back and with the leg slit up to there. This is clearly a bold choice in a prom dress but I think it shows off A LOT of zest. The boys will probably be lining up to ask you to the prom!

The next hot topic is shoes! Oh yes girl I'm going to show off some awesome shoes for a steal of a price!

These peep toe pumps would definently go well with any gorgeous dress for prom since this design is pretty versitile. Although they are the extremely perfect fit for prom- it would also be a perfect fit for regular life too since they aren't over styled or over styled. You can get these shoes at Prom Girl!

But if you only want a pair of heels to wear for one night I think I have the perfect fit....but I think I'm going to have to break the $100 or less promise because these shoes are like a fairy tale! Fulfill a Cinderella-like dream in these fabulous pumps. These peep-toes can be found at heels.com and these shoes are pretty intricate when it comes to design and these peep-toe pumps will make you the queen of chic on prom night!

Olivia - Ivory Satin main view
Whatever your prom night looks like I hope you guys have a lot of fun! And if your not old enough for prom I hope you have an idea for what it should look like. If your proms already happened I hope I've brought back some warm memories!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hey Cuties! Its Seoul Fashion Week!

Ms.Gee Collection

When I saw this outfit I was pleasently suprised! While I was looking at the Ms. Gee Collection everything was plain and borderline bland. But this outfit is bold and chic. Its almost like a love story from beginning to end applied into an outfit! 

Ready to take on this spring? Oh yeah!!! Well I adored this Parkchoonmoo outfit because it has that down-to-earth vibe while still having the essence of flare, and passion. This combination also possesses that carefree and flowy finesse that I love!!!

Looking through this collection, this jacket really stood out to me! Its simple sooooo simple. But then there's that stripe that runs down by the buttons that adds such definition to not only his jacket, but it adds "swagger" to his whole outfit.

Kimseoryong Homme

Is that a Peterpan Collar.....for men? SCORE!!! This outfit skid the runways this year in Seoul and unexpectedly Kimseoryong Homme came out with these shirts for his line. Even though the Peter Pan collar was overdone in womens apparel its still suprisingly finding its roots in mens fashion. Even though the Peterpan Collar has been around for ages we only saw it make a real comeback in Fall 2013 in womens fashion, so I'm super excited to see what happens to this collar as it makes its way through mens fashion!

So far this year in Seouls Fashion week I've been pleasently suprised by a lot of designers! So since it's still fashion week in Seoul you might just want to watch some of the fashion shows with your favorite designers! So grab a notepad and a bowl of popcorn and be ready for the next suprise a designer throws at you!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Walking on style? Oh yes

Lace-Up Boots with Spikes and Rhinestones, H&M Collar Shirt, AllSaints Bandeau Leggings 

Gettin' REAL frisky today in my Spikey Rhinestoned Boots!  I didn't want to overwhelm these gorgeous boots with too many accessories, so a simple shirt and leggings tied my look together without looking too crowded. Even though you know I'm the kinda gal to layer on the accessories until my back caves in and I'm flat on the floor. Boo, gravity. Needless to say, I finally pushed my pile of work aside to show off this outfit! 

I love these shoes to bits! They create an edge to any outfit but they still maintain that chic feel! 

When I first saw these boots I thought my feet would hurt like crazy wearing these! But it turns out these boots are extremely comfortable! I love the beige color of these boots, it really brings out a chicness to it all.  

Even though I've been wearing these boots for a while now, none of spikes or rhinestones have fallen off yet! And these shoes have a strong outer material (code for AWESOME faux leather!)(SWEET!)

I love love LOVE these shoes because you can quite literally pair them with any outfit for a "punk rock chic" look! And you can pretty much wear them anywhere! For example school (for a stunning fashion statement), the hot new club that just opened down the street, and even your local library (to pull off that chic look that these boots seem to radiate!!!)

Anyways I'd like to thank Yeswalker for sponsoring these shoes 'cuz these shoes can only be described by one word: FANTABULOUS 

If you want these shoes, and I bet you do, you can get them on yeswalker.com!!!

Lots of Love
This picture was supposed to be at the end to celebrate this collaboration between me and Yeswalker but.....

 I went all superhero on the photographer =.= (for the record I was trying to save the world from fashion crimes!)

Nailpolish Frenzy Spring 2013!!!

Spring calls for bold, bright, and beautiful nail colors! But which ones are in this spring and which ones are truly fantabulous? I'm going to start off by listing my top 10 fave nailpolishes for this spring!

10. These Tribal nail polishes are simple but edgy. Calm but bold. Some even look like a beautiful spring morning!

9. This bottle of Essie nail polish should be worn on the rainy days of spring because it sets off a mellow and down to earth vibe!
 8. This shade of OPI nailpolish is stylish and fashionable while still having that "fresh faced" demeanor that should be in all nailpolishes.

7. Nice, sweet, and eye catching! This shade of Essie Nailpolish is one to be reckoned with!!! 

 6. Etude house did a great job on their nailpolish line! This nailpolish is extremely durable, stylish, and bold! (many AWESOME shades can be found at etudehouse.com)
5. Once again bold girl Essie makes quite the fashion statement in this shade! (All nailpolish shades can be found at essie.com)
 4. Here Zoya's shimmery pink nail polish is the perfect way to express spring animosity! Its appealing and bold, its the perfect nail product to kick off your spring!
3. Feeling blue? Well Chanels Riva Nailpolish should fix that problem right up

2. I love love LOVE Butter London and this shade of sparkly pink is the perfect shade for this spring! Its bright, bold, and it has a TON of potential its also suprisingly quite durable for sparkly nailpolish!

1. Finally this is my favorite spring nail tutorial for this spring! Its bright, bold and appealing!

Nails are an important part of life so make sure to take care of them well and make sure to try to reduce harmful behaviour to your nails (like chewing them -.-  I'm totally guilty of that)

Monday, March 25, 2013

This is to all sparkly readers of luciousness!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Do you find yourself putting yourself down constantly? Saying "I look fat today","Why am I not as pretty as her"/"as handsome as him", "why does he/she always have people around them?", "why are they more fortunate than me?" Well time and time again you may have come across the same answer "I'm not confident enough..."

How to be more confident? I must admit being confident is difficult; cracking out of your shell and doing things your not comfortable doing is not entirely easy. But everyone has felt insecure at some point almost like their not "good enough" either. But I've heard a lot of "ugly talk" lately, and it makes me crazy because you guys are naturally beautiful and sometimes you can't see that because your so focused on your hate. I get it! Appreaciating your looks can be hard, especially if you've been hit by insults in the past or you can't see past the " tv standard of beauty"

But I want you to start by writing down your insecurities; identify the things that are making you feel this way. Are they regrets? Unmanagable hair? Acne? Whatever it may be write it down with everything you've ever felt/ thought about yourself/ your insecurities; it may take you a while but when your done make sure you rip up the pieces of paper you have written your insecurities on, so that you end up feeling free of your insecurities! Afterwards maybe talk to your friends/ family, people that understand you and how you feel and people that care about you; make sure to try to get rid of any bad feelings with the people around you. And if you've ever made any mistakes make a comeback (almost like Britney Spears just make sure you don't make a Circus!) everyone has insecurities and no one is absolutely perfect.

If there is anything in your life right now that is making you feel bad get rid of it. Because life is full of so much happiness! And if something is making you unhappy just get rid of it! It might take the bad vibe out of your life and help create a better you!

Next I want you to identify what you have succeeded in! Don't be a victim of yourself! I want you to sit yourself down and list the good things about yourself! Don't underestimate yourself! Are you a good artist? Are you good at cooking? Baking? Do you have a good sense of humor? Are you intelligent (even if you don't show it)? Give yourself credit for these things because I know your amazing! The next step is being thankful for what you have! Sure you don't have those shoes, those clothes, and the popularity he/she has but you do have your attitude towards your own life. Don't give yourself a hard time because you want to be like "them". Be positive even if you don't feel positive, if you act positive you'll eventually feel like its true! Accept compliments well, when you get a compliment take it and don't question it! Don't dwell on the contrary! And do me a favor, when you look in the mirror smile at yourself; trust me it helps after a while!

If your not naturally confident you can totally fake it! After a while if you keep acting a certain way you'll start to believe that life is just a little better being confident. And rememeber to stick to your own values and make sure to never lose you ideals in whats wrong and whats right!

Your unique and you make yourself what you are! You never have to follow what others think or do but if you like something genuinely (for example a certain style of clothing) you can follow the trend because you want to not because you think you have to! Remember confidence is beautiful! Make happines and confidence a habit!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring 2013

Spring Trends 2013

Sorry guys I know its been a while! Being back now I'm going to broach on a new topic! Clothing! I'm going to give you all the deets on what to wear this spring season!

This seasons hottest must haves in the hipster scene has got to be collars! Not just those drab collars from the 80's that dad used to wear to the office! No! These collars have made quite the splash in the industry!
D.P. Shop (yesstyle.com) $31.50

I've got to say but I'm guilty of being in love with these collared shirts! They have an interesting fusion of flare and comfort which styles well with any outfit!


Pleated skirts have always been a classic and with this H&M skirt it's been twirked ever so slightly to bring a modern appeal to the simple pleated dress you wore to your first day of kindergarten! The breezy and carefree look of this skirt will have you flying into next season in style!

This spring the hot topic sits on BOHO Fashion! It's stylish, comfortable, and mostly affordable! It's fringy, classic, and imperfect style sets it apart from all other styles. So what does BOHO look like this spring?

These shoes are a good example of what BOHO (Bohemian) Fashion is like! Which for the record is comfort and flare which is the most important thing to any outfit!
Bridle Party Bag in Turquoise
Modcloth $49.99
This is my version of the ultimate spring BOHO bag! It's bright, colorful, and comfortable. This casual bag is the absolute perfect fit for spring!

Other than the BOHO fashions suprisingly jeggings are still in style!

These mint jeggings have the light, carefree ambience of spring! Imagine you wake up in the morning and it's bright and beautiful! The birds are singing and your wearing these jeggings; you look fabulous!

These jeggings are perfect for everyday life and it makes quite the fashion statement in spring! So I guess you could say that it's mint to be!