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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring It On!

Okay so there are pretty much a TRILLION amazing and talented designers out there! But just the other day one just happened to catch my eye. Christophe Sauvat. Who might this be? Well below are some pictures from his official website!

Whenever I look at his work I just feel the perfect essence of a Boho chicness! The intricate detailing to his designs are utterly fabulous in all the ways I think of! His designs represent passion, flare, creativity, and ultimately perfection. These articles of clothing and accessories make me wanna say "spring it on"!!!!!!

Who's your favorite designer at the moment?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Patchy Passion

Admit it you've done this more than once! What am I talking about? Well those absolutely fab elbow patches on your sleeves! They're classy, chic, yet conservative! Perfect for a day in the park or a study date! My trendy finds are below!

I hope you guys enjoyed these exuberant patches!

How do you wear your patches?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Riding on a Wave of Dreams

Ah, the dream catcher; beautiful and mystical in its own ways it even catches all of our nightmares. If you read my post Nailpolish Frenzy 2013 you'll know that I'm a die-hard fan of gorgeous nails! And a while back I discovered a fantastic company that sold DIY nail art kits; and even though I usually shy away from DIY (since I'm not really the crafty kind...)  I actually decided to give this one a chance! But before that happened I took the time to stare at the name of the company for a while.... "Nasty Nails"  Turns out it wasn't so nasty! Just extremely fabulous! Go figure! FYI they are now Cult Cosmetics too-- even more to love.

The kit they sent me was Dream Catcher (hence the title) and when I got the package it came in a magenta pink package (pic below). The package in my opinion was quite gorgeous since it in itself had flare!

When I opened the package everything was perfect!
 Wanna take a look inside?

And guys I really did try my best on my nails! I hope my nails compare well to the ones they have on the website!

Personally I loved this kit because it did a good job in representing a boho chic look! I have even sat through class where I couldn't stop getting compliments on these nails! Haha I really hope having nail catchers on my nails will save me from havingnightmares tonight!

Until next time,
Paweit Dyal

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Striped Seduction

Stripes are no longer for Zebras and the law-less (FYI I mean prisoners)!  Stripes can be described by words such as: saucy, trendy, casual, bold, chic, and even flareful (new word!) But if you don't agree you've got more problems than Vogue! My fave finds are gorgeously laid out below!



How do you add stripes to match your style?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Keep Calm and Wear Keds

Today I looked down and I realized that today was the day I got these shoes a year ago! (Really Paweit... keeping the dates you bought your shoes? Oh yes!) Day in and day out I've worn nothing but these shoes and they have not broken yet! What type of shoes are these? Well I guess you guys might have heard of this name before; these shoes are Keds! I bought these shoes for $60 (a pretty good deal) and I've never looked back since. These shoes are comfy and versitile (for example I haven't tied these shoes since the day I've got them! I always just slip them on and I'm off!) I never used to care about Keds though, I hated them in fact but over time they've just grown on me!

Believe me I'm never easy on my shoes as they suffer A LOT of abuse from my daily life. I was out doing errands today and there they were, my Keds looking as perfect as ever!

What are your favorite shoes?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sassy Sequins

I love love LOVE sequins! I have to admit they're one of my biggest obsessions! What can I say? Sequins are after all pretty sassy! They add flare and passion to absolutely ANYTHING! I really can wait to show you some of the amazing sequins I've seen lately!


How do you style your sequins?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sweating in a Shop

You may think you get all sweaty just shopping the day away and sure you do! But have you ever looked down and thought "who made these fabulous articles of clothing?" Chances are they were made in a country where sweatshops are virtually everywhere! Countries like China, India and Malaysia, to name a few, are infamous for sweatshops! Don't get me wrong there can be a sweatshop located anywhere in the world including countries that may contradict this behaviour; for instance  Australia, America, and even Canada. Its not hard to find clothing made in sweatshops, all I had to do was look in my closet, I quite literally just grabbed 3 random pieces of clothing to see how many of them would be made in sweat shops! (Pic below!)

Surprisingly these articles of clothing are like any other I would wear on a average day; what you wouldn't guess though, was that all these pieces of clothing were produced in a sweatshop! That Aztec Cardigan and Plaid Tank Top were made in China, that Tasseled Scarf is from Guatemala. 

While we go about living our daily routines of life we've forgotten about the people that live just beyond it. Humanly we always assume the "out of sight out of mind" aspect and apply it to our lives. You may be thinking that "its a big world out there and industrializing things is just something that's ultimately inevitable!" Well I think that might be true, after-all there are more than 7 billion people living on our planet. But when I really think hard about this, it just doesn't seem right! Children work at these sweatshops and often conditions are disgustingly horrific! Working long hours and weeks often without breaks or vacations, and ultimately the extremity of low wages! Most of us are fortunate enough to have the extra money to spend on things we want rather than need. 

Are there things that companies can do to improve there own manufacturing plants? Of course! Companies like Nike can pay can give their workers sick days! Give them substantially higher wages (maybe $5 an hour?), give them vacation time if they so ask of it! Instead of forcing their workers to work certain hours let them work the hours that they choose! There are many ways that sweatshops can be improved to treat humans in more humane ways! What do you think could improve sweatshops? And are you pro or con sweatshops? I'm looking forward to reading all of your responses, so think well!